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David Mandelberg — About

For an overview of my professional life, see my résumé. If you want to reach me, see my contact page. Assorted other details about me are below.


I made a map of where I've been, using Node.js, d3, TopoJSON, and datasets from Natural Earth. Click the image for a larger version.


My username or alias most places online is dseomn. Occasionally people ask me why, so here's the explanation:

When I was in middle school, I needed to choose a username to sign up for an account on Slashdot. If I remember correctly, nerd and some_nerd where already taken, so I settled on Some_Other_Nerd. Not too long after, I found myself creating accounts on many websites and I wanted something I could use everywhere that nobody else would lay claim to. I thought of dseomn as an anagram of the first letters of my name, David Eric Mandelberg, and my username, Some_Other_Nerd. It didn't have any hits on Google at the time and I couldn't think of any negative connotations, so I started using it. I know it's hard to spell, but I haven't thought of something to take its place yet.

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