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Devastated Newbie Info

Every progression the women move two and the men move one, so assuming you're not at the end of the major set, you end up in a completely new set of four every time. Also, this dance has a backwards petronella, so it's not for the faint of heart. Note: something can be a balance and half gypsy, balance and half do-si-do, balance and roll away with a half sashay, california twirl and double same-person pull-by, balance and half allemande, swing, or improv; the dancers choose.
2005 April 12
mixed single and double

Devastated Newbie Choreography


8 beats: swing neighbor

4 beats: California twirl partner

4 beats: petronella


8 beats: something partner

8 beats: ½ hey, starting with men passing left shoulders


4 beats: men roll away woman on left with a half sashay NB: this woman and the man who rolls her are now partners

8 beats: do-si-do partner

4 beats: backwards petronella


4 beats: balance ring

8 beats: swing partner, ending facing up or down

4 beats: pass through up or down