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David Mandelberg — Blog — New Brunswick and PEI

New Brunswick and PEI

Posted on June 10, 2016. Tags: flower, photo, rain, video. No comments.

During time off between two jobs, I decided to head towards New Brunswick, Canada and see where I ended up from there.


I spent most of the day driving up to my first stop, Woodstock, NB. On the way, I had a pleasant surprise view of Katahdin from right off of I-95.


My morning walk around Woodstock was pleasantly cold and windy.

During the afternoon, I drove around, looking for interesting sights or places to hike. At one point, there was a sign for a "Unique Area." I tried to go there, but got stopped by a flooded road.

In the evening, I took another walk around Woodstock.


I'd heard some good things about Prince Edward Island, so I decided to head there next. Along the way, I saw a pretty flood plain, so I stopped to stretch my legs and get a couple of pictures.

Next stop was Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area, on the New Brunswick side of the really long bridge between New Brunswick and PEI. I even made a video to try to show how long Confederation Bridge is.

After some driving around looking for a place to stay in PEI, I settled on Charlottetown, the capital and largest city.


I spent the morning walking around town and seeing the art museum, then eating a delicious lunch of local mussels.

Then, on to the coast. (And I took a video of one of the beaches.)


There was a bit more I would have liked to do in PEI, but I decided that I wanted to start heading in the general direction of home. So I drove towards Fundy National Park, NB. But first, a stop along the way to see more PEI red sand.

Then one last stop in PEI, just before crossing the bridge.

I had heard good things about The Rocks Provincial Park on the Fundy coast of New Brunswick, so I stopped there along the way too.

Then I saw Lars Larsen Marsh, so I stopped there briefly.

Eventually I made it to Alma, NB just outside of Fundy National Park. I found a place to sleep and a place to eat dinner. The place to eat dinner had a pretty sunset.


In the morning, I headed to the park and had a nice but eventually too slippery hike in the rain. Near the trailhead, I got a video of Herring Cove Waterfall. Fundy National Park was gorgeous.

After a good seafood lunch, I explored the area some more. The first stop was Waterside Beach.

Then a quick stop along the way to Cape Enrage, because the rocks and fog were pretty.

And Cape Enrage itself, which turned out to be not very exciting in the fog. The wind was nice though.

Some of my exploring took me on pretty steep roads, so I ended up spending a fair amount of time going downhill in first or second gear. After a little while, I decided to give my car a chance to cool off while I walked around a cemetery.

Next stop was Point Wolfe.

Then Laverty Lake. The lake was quiet and pretty, and the lighting was wonderful. I would have liked to spend more time there, but unfortunately there were also a lot of small flying biting insects, so I left quickly.


I took a short walk around town in the morning, then got in the car to start the long drive home.

My last stop before returning stateside was an island that becomes a peninsula at low tide.

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